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Frequently asked questions

How do I use my Sküma?

Need assistance in learning how to use your mineral water maker? Take a look at the Why Sküma section, and you will be up and creating right away!

How can I get the best results for my personal mineral water?

We recommend you to: - Change the filter every 6 months to ensure fastest mineral water making time - Use cold water for best results for your 550mL bottle - Place your 1L bottle in the fridge to indulge on it later in the day

How often do I need to change the filter and minerals?

Change the cartridge once every 6 months for best time performance and minerals. Note: This timeline is based on a single-user drinking 2L per day.

Is it safe? Has it been tested?

Working with a team of university professors and experts, the team has developed the safest kitchen counter-top mineral water device. The multi-step filtration process, as well as reverse osmosis technology has been used in the bottled water industry for many years. Our engineers have miniaturized this process, and made a cartridge which is 3.6x more efficient than filters used in plants. As to the minerals used, only few companies have access to extract liquid natural minerals from Utah's Great Salt Lake. The minerals have been assayed for potency and purity by in-house and independent labs. With regards to the bottles, they are the strongest and most impact resistant bottles in the global market! We have completed a series of impact and drop test to ensure reliability and safety. Please refer to the Home page section to learn more.

Does the water have flavor?

The water does not have any particular taste. In fact, most of the volunteers in our focus groups have expressed identical tastes to major bottled mineral water brands. Hint: Filling the water in any of our Skuma bottles will ensure the water stays odorless and tasteless during the day.

Where do you deliver?

For the moment we will focus on delivering and monitoring our first device batches in the United Kingdom. Once this phase is completed successfully, we will begin to ship to other countries. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with announcements, and contact us for your country!