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Creating your own beverages in a sustainable way.

Energise your water. Amplify your coffee taste. Reduce plastic waste from bottled water.

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Elevate tap water purification. Purify water with sküma’s proprietary reverse osmosis (RO) process and pair it with Infusion™ that customise hydration—may it be drinking water for replenishing vital electrolytes or for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Meet your hydration needs with sküma.

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Why is sküma different?

Through the Super-Filter® reverse osmosis (RO) membrane, sküma effectively removes 99% impurities in water and pumps helpful nutrients through Infusion™. Make your water refreshingly healthy and get all these while staying sustainable with sküma. Read here how we push for sustainability.

Functional hydration through Infusion™

Infusion™ is a concentrated mix of minerals and vitamins that add certain functionality to the water produced by sküma. The sküma produces the purest form of water and the Infusion™ is here to boost the water and give it purpose - whether it is for general hydration, coffee making or hydrating after sports, sküma is here to help.

Each bottle of Infusion™ is good for 60 litres of water and is concentrated in a resuable glass bottle—one less plastic waste in the landfills.

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How do you like your water? Discover Infusion™ from sküma.

No installation required.

Plug and play.

Hassle-free hydration with sküma. Drink only the best purified water you could get with sküma.

3-Stage in 1 reverse osmosis (RO) cartridge

Change Super-Filter® once a year only

Add functionality to your water for all needs


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