Creating mineral water from home.


Fill the 3.5L water tank with tap water.


Place a cup or bottle of your choice, select the size and the desired temperature.


Touch the droplet to initiate

the process.

Hint: The drip tray can be self-adjusted to accommodate any bottle or cup length.

step 2 skuma device water



Instant purified water with essential minerals

is being dispensed.



  • Replace the filter cartridge every 12 months. 

  • Refill the vacuum-sealed liquid mineral chamber, once every 4 months!

Benefits & Added-Value

  • You can use the plant water tank for your plants. The more you use the device, the more plant water you will create!

  •  The water heating element is instantaneous, thus greatly reducing power consumption over traditional kettles.

step 4 skuma device water




skuma cartridge

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Sediment Filter

Removes sand, silt and dirt.

Activated Carbon Filter

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorine, taste and odor.

Removes contaminants, lead, virus, heavy metals, pollutants, and microorganisms,

3.6x more efficient than typical home reverse osmosis system

to change every 12 months.

Three step purification filter.

3.6x more efficient than typical home reverse osmosis system

Made from 100% recycled ocean plastic

Always promoting sustainability.

We are recycling our products/packaging with TerraCycle® via their Zero Waste BoxTM solution.


Skuma uses Zero Waste BoxTM by TerraCycle® to recycle our packaging/waste that are not currently recycled by traditional recycling facilities.


Once your packaging/waste is placed in our Zero Waste BoxTM , we ship it to TerraCycle® where it is sorted, turned into plastic granules and transformed into new products.

Replenish your Skuma with minerals

using our ethically sourced 100% natural mineral concentrate from the Great Salt Lake (United States).

4 months supply icon

All-in natural sea mineral concentrate from Utah's Great Salt Lake