Over 10 years of


building and delivering water purification systems

Mystical Lake


To make healthy mineral water from

tap water in any country

Over 53% of the global household do not drink tap water and stock up on the single-use plastic bottle.


Our mission is to put an end to this worldwide practice and make every tap water around the same level of purity and mineral composition

Cleaning the Beach

Skuma's plan for sustainability 

We are planning to partner

with PlasticBank's Impact Program:


For every Sküma device sold, there will be 3,000 plastic bottles recycle. These will be created into pellets, made of 100% recycled plastic, which is used in our manufacturing process to create another device.

The team is committed to putting an end to the bottled water industry once and for all.  Furthermore, our partnership with PlasticBank's Impact Program, allows us to not only limit our carbon footprint but fix others' mistakes.


For every Sküma device sold, there will be 3,000 plastic bottles recycled., which will be compressed into pellets.

Our manufacturing will solely use these 100% recycled pellets to form another Sküma device. 

By moving to Sküma, you are not only putting an end to single-use plastic bottles, but you are also helping our ocean and nature from previous damages.

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We're a passionate team dedicated to eliminating

single-use plastic water bottles, whether you purchase it for the household or on-the-go. 

We believe if you're encouraged to use it, and feel empowered along the way, you will never let it go.

Do you live in the UK and are dissatisfied with your tap water? Here is why.



Our founders realized the qualities which make single-use plastic bottles so popular in households and outside, do not make up for its ongoing environmental damage.


They embarked on a journey to create an elegant, compact, and eco-friendly device that will change the way we consume water at home, wherever you might be.

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