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Transforming tap water into mineral water.

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Always promoting sustainability.




Purified water to the highest level. 

         Including bacteria and virus

Naturally mineralised.

     Spring quality water

Instant hot water dispenser.

     Choose between 50, 70 or 90 degrees.


Better hydration. 

         Perfect blend of 4 key electrolytes essential to muscle contractions and nerve impulses

All natural zero calorie formulation .

     Keto friendly and vegan friendly healthy water.

No impurities and microplastics

     Reverse Osmosis technology makes the purest water possible.


Our vision

What if we told you that you can have the exact same water that you are used to buying from your local convenience store straight from the comfort of home?

Better yet, the same in every country around the globe, no matter your local tap water quality?

With Sküma, this dream is finally a reality.

Our goal

Sküma is here to stay and finally eliminate the need for buying bottled water by providing all the advantages of bottled water, without the plastic waste.

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