Supplementation integrated in your daily water intake.


Liquid supplementation

     Highest body absorption rate

Purified water to the highest level. 

         Removes bacteria and virus

Naturally mineralised.

     Spring quality water


Gradual magnesium intake

     Your daily magnesium intake are gradually poured over your daily water consumption for optimal absorption rate.

Better hydration. 

         Perfect blend of 4 key electrolytes essential to muscle contractions and nerve impulses

All natural zero calorie formulation .

     Keto friendly and vegan friendly healthy water. No flavors or sweeteners added.

Transforming tap water into magnesium water.

Get 112g of magnesium for every 2L of

sküma water.

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  • More than 50mg magnesium per liter - 100% natural source

  • No swallowing problems

  • No need to remember, just drink water!

  • No more wasting half of the supplement - 95% absorption

Our vision

What if we told you that the supplements you are currently taking are not as effective as you think? Your body is not made for high dose supplementation but rather for a slow and continuous release.


Making Water is an ideal carrier of nutrients!

Our goal

We are launching sküma with a focus on one of the most important nutrients, magnesium.
In the next couple of months we will be releasing different 100% natural mineral and vitamin concentrates to help you with
all your supplementation needs!

Always promoting sustainability.

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