Reverse Osmosis system with a tweak.



Purified water to the highest level. 

Including bacteria and virus

Naturally mineralised.

Spring quality water

Instant hot water dispenser.

     Choose between 50, 70 or 90 degrees.

Better hydration.

Perfect blend of 4 key electrolytes essential to muscle contractions and nerve impulses

All natural zero calorie formulation.

Keto friendly and vegan friendly healthy water.

No impurities and microplastics.

Reverse Osmosis technology makes the purest water possible.


Skuma - Tray Raised.jpg

Instant hot water

The Skuma device also provides instant purified boiling water ideal for your tea, coffee or even cooking. The user can chose between 4 different water temperatures:


  • 23°C (room temperature)

  • 50°C

  • 75°C

  • 95°C

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Mineral tank refill

When the mineral tank is empty, the user is prompted with a red light. This indicates the user to refill the mineral tank using the Skuma pouch.

Each pouch offers the user 4 to 6 months of 100% natural and organic minerals.


Traditional Reverse Osmosis systems are very wasteful and generally waste about 3 L of water for each liter of purified water.

Skuma only wastes 1 L for each 4 L of purified water.

Moreover, it turns out that the waste water produced by Reverse Osmosis contains high level of minerals ideal for your plants.

The Skuma sysetms promotes a zero waste regiment and our waste water has been tranformed into plant water.  

Compact size suitable for all kitchens.

Similar size to conventional coffee machines