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Change your water composition using Sküma‘s customisable liquid infusions. Get more out of your water and align it with your health goals.

Benefits of Sküma Water.

Get more from your water

Customise your water in an instant

Fill the gaps in your diet

Supports energy, helps with gut health and replace all those pills you take everyday

High quality ingredient sources

Taking ownership of your daily health

Our ingredients.

We only use micronutrients extracted directly from nature. Our nutrients are backed by research that is growing every single day. Learn more

Hydration Infusion

  • Favourises electrolyte balance

  • Promotes muscle contraction

  • Decreases cramping


Energy Infusion

  • Promotes energy creation

  • Supports cardiovascular health


Coffee Infusion

  • Enhances coffee flavours

  • Promotes ideal TDS and concentrations

  • Reduces acidity



Utah, United States


Utah, United States

Vitamin D

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Vitamin B12

Utah, United States


Utah, United States